Water is the most essential nutrient for health, healing and life. Did you know that the majority of ailments that people suffer can be linked to cellular dehydration? After 20 years of researching water and the harmful effects of cellular dehydration we have discovered a device that transforms bottled and tap water into the same natural state as rain water or spring water.

This device will begin to improve your health and the health of your family, plants and/or animals…IMMEDIATELY!

Did you know that filters and plastic bottles changes the energy, frequency and cellular structure of water and that living cells do not recognize it as natural water? Nature provides water with 3 properties that makes it the most essential nutrient that bottled/filtered water does not:

1. Life enhancing energy.
2. Structured molecules that allows water to enter the cells.
3. Natural frequency that promotes health and healing.

If you are drinking filtered or bottled water than you are most likely still suffering with ailments, cramping and digestive issues that could be directly linked to cellular dehydration.

The Structured Water Project is introducing the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit that will INSTANTLY transform your water into the same structured water found in nature. If you want spring water in your home schedule a call and we will help you get hydrated.

Our Water Unit...

- Structures the molecules, softens, and balances pH.

- Charges and energizes the water.

- Improves taste, smell, and feel of water.

- Keeps the plumbing system clean.

- Neutralizes all chemicals (fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, etc.)

The Benefits of Structured Water


-Increases energy

-Improves digestion

-Softens hard water

-Complete home systems available

-Softens hair and skin

-Increases blood flow

-Increases detoxification


-Reimbursement for eligible NFL players through the NFL/HRA benefits

-Promotes recovery

-Eliminates muscular cramps

-Increases endurance and mental clarity


-Reduces irrigation costs by 30%

-Reduces veterinarian costs by up 50%

-Save up to 40% pesticide/fertilizer costs

-Descales irrigation lines reducing maintenance costs


-Reduces plumbing costs by 40%

-Protects water heater and pumps.

-Reduce chlorine/maintenance costs for pools.

-Softens hard water

-Improves overall water quality

-Reduces irrigation costs

Let there be water!

Why choose our product?


Personal / Home

The Crystal Blue Water Structuring Unit safely and effectively improves the ability of water to dissolve waste and other compounds. Our Products make your water taste great and is much healthier and safer for you to drink.


Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units consistently prove its effectiveness in enhancing health and productivity for soils. The application of the Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units make your crops stronger and healthier and provide higher yields.


Using Crystal Blue Water Structuring Units are safe, productive and a lucrative investment for your Agriculture needs. An investment of $3,000 resulted in a return of $80,000 in additional profits for one of

our farmers.

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